Wednesday, August 31, 2005


MSY Airport open for humanitarian goods...

CityBusiness staff report
NEW ORLEANS - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is now openfor humanitarian flights during daylight hours. The airport sustained nosignificantdamage and there is no standing water in movement areas. The airport roofs,hangars and fencing were damaged.

Operations can be conducted on the north-south and the newly reconstructedEast-West Runways. Air Traffic Control is operating.

American operated the first post-hurricane flight with no problems Tuesday. Thehelipad is operational and handled more than 30 flights Tuesday.

Main airport needs include reliable jet fuel supply, instrument landing systemsand air conditioning in the terminal.

Do you (anyone) know of a list of those folks assessed by the triage unit at MSY? A link/url would be most helpful.

I thank everyone for their posts to this & other boards. I've only come across one "jerk" who posted his offer to trace folks (He's a bailbondsman's skip tracer from Florida.) on each & every board at TheWeatherChannel's site. Amazingly, in the past week I've yet to receive any spam in my inbox or on my cell from having posted them all over. People never DO cease to surprise me! K! >;~}
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