Sunday, August 28, 2005



Hey everybody,

We'll use this blog to keep everybody in touch with Hurricane Katrina, our whereabouts, and the aftermath for us and for the city as much as possible. Please email us if you have any questions, info, or want me to put info up here to share with anybody else about your location. I'll maintain this as well as possible.

Pray for the people of New Orleans and the gulf coast,


Jude, have you per chance spoken to anyone at the agency?

You can watch live local coverage at

Hi Jude & Karen,

John and I are in Atlanta. Be safe and we will contact you soon. -Erin
Jude & Karen,

Thanks for creating this site. Lots of talent demonstrated here.

Hope to see you on the tennis courts soon -

Bill Pryor
Hi Jude,
Thanks for keeping us connected!

I am in Jackson MS. The storm has finally arrived here...wind & rain..nothing like at home.

Rex is still in NO. At 8am, he was safe & well. I will forward any news from him as it comes in.

Karen Oxner
Hi Jude, Karen,
thank you for your email, just been thinking about you guys as i sit here watching the news about new orleans. my parayers go to you guys and be safe..lotsa love from the land down under, Sylvia
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