Monday, August 29, 2005


Grand Isle, LA

According to the mayor (currently live on WWLTV.COM streaming), at 3:30 AM there was about 5 feet of water underneath* City Hall, and some leaks from the roof (they had 6 feet from Hurricane Betsy). The report had the water coming in from "back bay", not from the gulf, which would further support the eye making landfall to the east of the small island.

The mayor of Grand Isle evacuated to Lockport. He is reporting detiriorating weather in Lockport, and they have been out of power since approx 1:30 AM. Rain is off and on, wind is steady but not gusty.

*For those not familiar with Grand Isle, all of the structures that have been built in recent years (such as city hall) are all about 15-20 feet above ground at the least.

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