Monday, August 29, 2005


Forums for neighborhood information seems to have a lot of interaction on their forums, and much easier to use than IMHO.

It sounds like Uptown New Orleans made out pretty well, knock on blog. It's late, time for bed, we leave early tomorrow AM to begin the trek most of the way back, to Lockport via Jackson/Clinton MS.

Jude -

Good to see you and Karen are well. I'm holed up in BR with Christina and her cats with friends of friends.

Christina is heading home to OK for the next week or so. I'm taking my car and figuring out how best to base myself as close to the city as possible, then head inside.

I have serious concerns about my apartment - a pre-existing bad roof. Also, would really like to help with any relief efforts.

One option is to try to set up a base in Convington and enlist in whatever services are being provided from there.

Try me on my cell as best you can -606-9449. If you learn of any opps for helping relief efforts let me know.

Best to you and yours,

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